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Our Story


In 1961 Business Machines Company was founded on two important principles, provide the highest quality office equipment and top notch service.

Over the next several years the company achieved significant growth and became a leader in copier and office writing systems by IBM and Olivetti. In 1996 the company saw the future of office automation and began selling docStar™ electronic filing systems, a change that propelled the company to alter its focus to becoming an Information Technology firm. Today our partnerships with industry leaders in office technology HP, docStar™, Copystar, and Panasonic has made SR business systems one of Connecticut’s leaders in office technology. We are proud to continue the standards that our company was founded on.

Our current president, Mr. Randy Kalfus joined the company in 1974 as the sales manager. Mr. James Matey, our Vice President came to SR in 1991 as our service manager. In 1994 Randy had the opportunity to purchase the company and did so, bringing Jim on as a partner. Today they are both still very active in the day to day operations of the company and have built a staff of marketing, sales and technical support second to none.

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Our clients have a lot to say. Hear how our products helped their legal, accounting, and insurance businesses.

“Our firm leased the first DocStar™ equipment in 1998. At that time, we were clueless as to the value it would add to our overall productivity. Once we overcame the initial hurtles of finding the right person to be responsible for the scanning and naming of our documents, we quickly realized the many benefits it would eventually unleash. Expanding its use to our satellite office in Manhattan was our next step. To be able to scan a document in Manhattan and have it accessible to a paralegal in the Connecticut office or the reverse was not only relevant in terms of time effectiveness but cost.

With the horrible tragedy of 9/11, while we were not physically in any danger, made the importance of document management one of the most discussed items in all of the business community. It was evident we had made the right decision when we invested our time and resources in electronic media for our files.

We still do not use the DocStar™ System to its fullest. In reality we have only begun to scratch the surface of what it can do for us. Each time a new project needs to be tackled; my first thought is how we can utilize DocStar™ to accomplish the end result.”

Joyce Schweiss

Early Ludwick and Sweeney

“Utilizing docSTAR™ delivered an immediate benefit to our operations. Once in place, the new system enabled us to remove countless filing cabinets, thus reducing office space from 4,500 to 2,500 sq. ft, and saving us $3,000 in monthly expenses. And, the one time that we needed help with file back-up, the assistance we received from their technical support team was outstanding.”

Bud Lynn

Tax manager for DiCaprio, Fazzuoli and D’Agostino

“We proved-in the docSTAR™ document management system financially and operationally into our insurance agency about 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. We have immediate access to any one of ten thousand customer documents, and the service from SR Business Systems has been outstanding. docSTAR™ and SR Business Systems are a winning combination that saves money and solves a major document management concern.”

Tim Haas

The Haas Agency