Document Management


Benefits and Features of Document Management Software

  • Capture documents from virtually any input device in any location

    • Centralized storage accessible from widely distributed locations
    • Easily import/save documents from applications and file systems
    • Automated indexing—advanced OCR, barcodes, Regex pattern matching, formatting
    • Embedded browser-based high volume scanning
    • Smart text extraction and evaluation of data from content
  • Easily create and edit content driven workflows using a drag and drop technology

    • Create custom rules to process and route content for approval
    • Distribute items automatically based on business conditions
    • Receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information
    • Monitor progress through the workflow dashboard
    • Complement existing business applications and technologies
  • Track document versions through multiple revisions

    • Work collaboratively with multiple editors
    • Audit trail for all revisions—editors, order of changes and record of saved versions
    • Assign user access and document “states” for secure editing
    • Store unlimited number of revisions
    • Latest version clearly identifiable
    • Create historical record of changes made with comments
  • Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context searching

    • Automatically perform the most commonly used searches (text, field, annotation and name) from a Google-style toolbar
    • Use simplified auto-complete or structured Boolean search
    • Search the contents of the entire repository in seconds
    • Using “Fuzzy” searches easily locate documents that sound similar
  • Cloud-based content driven process automation and collaboration provides secure and reliable service

    • Easily access and update information wherever you are, rather than having to run back to the office
    • Deploy on-premises if needed for even greater flexibility—same great software
  • Workflow-enable your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks

    • Instantly access key information
    • Participate in content workflows
    • Extend collaboration to users on-the-go
  • Granular permission settings in documents, inboxes, folders, workflows, and retention policies meet or exceed compliance requirements

    • Grant access to documents based on user permissions
    • Organize all enterprise information in a secure, central repository
    • Utilize Audit Trails to meet compliance requirements
    • Protect your data with secure encryption
    • Deliver a Single Sign On experience through Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Easily apply and automatically enforce document retention policies

    • Set document disposition to auto-destroy or place in review folder
    • Easily and instantly apply document freezes when necessary
    • Save time while easily complying with legal or organizational retention requirements

Reach your full business potential with DocStar™ Content and Process Automation.


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