Secrets of World-Class AP Departments

Learn what the Best-in-Class AP departments are doing that make them stand out from their peers World-class AP departments know something you don’t know, but we’re going to let you in on their secrets. Ardent Partners conducted an independent research study in order to gain a comprehensive, industry-wide view of accounts payable (AP). The study…

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CFO Report: How CFOs build world class AP departments with AP automation

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How CFOs Build World Class AP Departments With AP Automation Accounts Payable is a fundamental activity for nearly all businesses. Pick any enterprise and you can bet there is an AP function at the heart of financial operations. The obligation to pay off short-term debt is one that every company must satisfy. But more than…

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Don’t Let AP Processing Keep You up at Night

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It Was Just a Dream You arrive at the office and watch helplessly as your AP processing team tries to avoid an avalanche of paper invoices while simultaneously juggling non-stop vendor service calls. The phones are ringing off the hook and the sound and sight of inefficiency is maddening—no one is happy. You try to…

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5 Key Factors for Enterprise Technology Buying Decisions

Understand Your Needs Before You Leap Often companies want to purchase the latest and greatest automation tool because of industry buzz, without fully determining if it is the best possible long term solution for their business. Whether you are choosing a new ERP, CRM or enterprise content management system, enterprise level technology buying decisions are…

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